Disciples Are Focused on Prayer

Sunday’s Lectionary Readings – July 24, 2022

What a Friend we have in Jesus! And what a privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer! So how should we pray? And what should we pray for? Our readings this week answer those important questions.

In our Old Testament Lesson Abraham prays on behalf of other people. The Angel of the LORD—Old Testament Jesus—came to visit Abraham. Last week we heard how He promised Abraham and Sarah would finally have their long promised, long awaited son Isaac. Then the LORD decided to let Abraham know that He intended to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham pleaded with the LORD on behalf of the people there, that if there were any believers in those cities that He would spare them. The LORD heard and answered His prayer. The two angels who had accompanied the Angel of the Lord (Jesus) went down to Sodom and rescued Abraham’s nephew Lot and his two daughters—the only believers still left in those cities (and hanging on to their faith by only a thread).

In our Epistle Lesson Paul gives pastor Timothy instructions on what to pray for, both as a pastor privately, and as a leader of the church congregationally. On the basis of this text Christian churches are careful to pray on behalf of the governing authorities and to intercede on behalf of those in need both spiritually and physically. He also reassures us that Jesus Himself is our Mediator, interceding on our behalf with Our Father in heaven.

In the appointed Gospel Lesson Jesus Himself teaches us about prayer, and He teaches us how to pray. We pray to Our Father in heaven. We ask the Lord to do His will and advance His kingdom. We ask for forgiveness for our souls and daily bread for our bodies. We ask that the Lord would protect us from evil.
We pray with confidence that the Lord hears and answers our earnest prayers, just as He answered Abraham in person.
Our sermon this week will focus on the Old Testament Lesson under the theme: “Pray Like Abraham.”

This Week’s Lessons:
Genesis 18:20–32
1 Timothy 2:1–7
Luke 11:1–13
Psalm 138