Challenging Truth: Increased Faith Increases Duty; Increased Duty Increases Delight

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Having confronted the Pharisees about the temptation of money, in this week’s Gospel Lesson Jesus turns His attention to His disciples. They will be tempted, due to their closeness to Jesus to look down on or lord it over others. He warns them rather to be especially concerned for the weak and the young, and to be filled with an attitude of forgiveness. In response they ask for increased faith so they can serve faithfully. Jesus directs them to the power God gives to do whatever He commands. Christ’s service to us enables us to joyfully live in service to others. And when we do we must remember that we have only done our duty.

The Old Testament Lesson is a poetic prayer about a very special, selfless service King David and the people of Israel were able to offer to the Lord—the preparations for the building of the temple. Normally we give thanks for things God does for us. David gives thanks for the privilege of getting to do something for God. His prayer highlights the truth that when we have the opportunity to serve God and to serve others, it is a great blessing to us! Can you imagine being the generation privileged to gather the materials for the building of Solomon’s temple? What a great and awesome thing to be a part of!

God gives us great opportunities in our day too—opportunities to build His kingdom through the spreading of the Word, the sending of missionaries, the training of seminarians, the education of young adults at Bethany Lutheran College, the sharing of our faith with our neighbors, etc., etc. And God blesses us with delight and joy in carrying out our duty!

In our Epistle Lesson St. Paul reminds us that Justification leads to Sanctification. God declares us not guilty for Jesus’ sake through faith and that fuels our faith to grow and to produce a life of good works that bring glory to God.

Our Sermon will focus on the Epistle lesson. First God calls us and makes us worthy. Then we strive to live in a way that is worthy of the calling God has given us. Theme: “Worthy of Your Calling.”

This Week’s Lessons:

1 Chronicles 29:1-2,10–18

2 Thessalonians 1:1–5,11-12

Luke 17:1–10

Psalm 62

News & Notes for October 2, 2022

Service Opportunities

Those interested in an ongoing opportunity to help the hungry of Lake Havasu, there is a basket in the Narthex for donations, see the bulletin boards for needed items or pick up a list at the basket table.

Healthy Gathering

As virus risks continue, we ask that everyone please use good sense. If you are “under the weather” join us online rather than in person, so as not to spread anything to others. Respect those who don’t want to get too close or shake hands.

Volunteers Needed!

Would you be interested in serving as an usher or joining the Altar Guild?  See Nathan for ushers or Judy Baker for Altar Guild.

Sermon Print Out

Pastor emails his printed sermon for Sunday on Saturday night.  If you would like to receive this email (some like to print a copy and follow along on Sunday or use their cell phone to follow along), please give your email address to Pastor or Leslie.

Service Preview/Newsletter  

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Mission Rally

Our Saviour is hosting the next Circuit 11 Mission Rally, Saturday, February 18, 2023.  Sara Buelow’s parents will be our guest speakers.  Our theme is “Northern Lights” – Spreading God’s Light in Scandinavia.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

Sunday and Mid-Week Attendance          

Worship – 33, Bible Study/Sunday School – 19, Mid-week Bible Study – 13,

Basic Christianity – 12