So much of what Lutheranism is about is found in the question, “What does this mean?” The pastor writes his sermons in part to answer that question about the Bible text. Bible studies focus on getting to the meaning and echoing it in our own words. The Lutheran Confessions were, likewise, written to explain the meaning of the Bible, accurately reproducing that meaning in our own words. It should come as no surprise that Lutheran music is about conveying meaning first and not entertaining.

The meaning of the Bible has never changes, even though musical tastes change with each generation. Since the best Lutheran music is the music that best brings forth the meaning, Lutherans hold onto those enduring hymns and songs that have stood the test of time. To Lutherans a good hymn is worth keeping, even if it takes some effort sometimes to learn it or the music sounds different than the pop music on the radio. Likewise, to Lutherans, writing new music is also worth the effort. At Our Saviour, you can expect to find some music that is centuries old and some that relatively new, but all of it will have substance, help you to know Christ better, learn the Bible better and lead you to a better understanding of Christianity. Come with an open mind. Give it a chance, and you will find satisfaction much deeper than an exciting riff and a cool bridge, because you will learn God’s Word more clearly.

There are many opportunities to become involved with the music of the congregation. Recently a church choir was started by Mrs. Lepak. Singers and other musicians are invited to speak to Pr. Lepak.