Sight for the Blind

March 19, 2023–

The Old Testament prophets, especially Isaiah, outlined signs that would prove the Messiah had come, such as giving hearing to the deaf and sight to the blind. Jesus fulfilled all those signs.

In the Gospel Lesson, John records the sixth of the seven signs, as Jesus heals a blind man. That gives Jesus the opportunity to talk about spiritual blindness—especially since the Pharisees criticized Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. In spiritual blindness, people falsely connect suffering with some bad deed. Instead, Jesus says all things happen to bring glory to God—even suffering! This man was born blind so that Jesus could heal him!

St. Paul uses the parallel term darkness for blindness in our Epistle Lesson. Jesus is the Light of the world who came to open our eyes and enlighten us to see the truth. Once we see the light, we are to walk in the light as children of the light.

Our Old Testament Lesson describes the darkness and blindness of the Israelites whom God had chosen to be the light of the world in their time. Instead they so often turned away from the truth and failed to enlighten those around them about the coming Savior from sin. God sent His Son to bring light and spiritual sight through the hearing of the word. Those who refuse to hear and see will be judged. May this never happen to us! May we walk in the Light and hear and see the Gospel of our Lord!

This Week’s Lessons:

Isaiah 42:14–21  (sermon text)

Ephesians 5:8–14

John 9:1–7,13–17,34–39

Psalm 27