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Proclaim the Wonders God Has Done: 1918–2018

The first officers elected for the reorganized ELS in 1918 were: Bjug Harstad, President (Parkland, Washington); John A. Moldstad, Vice-president (Chicago, Illinois); C.N. Peterson, Secretary (Minneapolis, Minnesota); A.J. Torgerson, Treasurer (Northwood, Iowa). Committees also were elected for Missions, Publications, History, and Constitution. It also was determined to continue the publication of the Luthersk Tidende (today, Lutheran Sentinel).

Liberty, Freedom & Independence

People in Brazil celebrate it on September 7th. Canadians celebrate it on July 1st. The French celebrate it on July 14th. Mexicans celebrate it on September 16th. On July 4th, we Americans join together in celebrating our “Independence Day.” Countries all over the world have designated special holidays where their people join together to celebrate…