Divine Service

The “divine service” is one name for what happens on Sundays and special occasions at Our Saviour. Another name for the same thing is “worship”. The divine service emphasizes the idea that God comes to us to preach to us about what Jesus did for us and to forgive sins. While God is ever worthy of our service, He comes to serve us in our needs. Worship emphasizes the idea that Christians gather together to hear God’s Word, to dwell on His goodness and mercy and to support the work of preaching the good news to this whole world.

Whether we think of divine service or worship, we mean the conversation between God and His people. At Our Saviour, the pastor acts as the ambassador for God, speaking God’s Word to His people, and those in the congregation respond to God’s Word. This is the essence of “liturgical worship,” which is nothing more than an orderly way of carrying on the conversation with God. Every service consists of Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, Bible readings, a sermon, prayers, etc.

The divine service is not entertainment, but an opportunity to step out of the work-a-day world and our hectic lives and into the realm of the eternal. You cannot see it with your eyes. Although we often try to capture heaven in our artwork, that remains beyond our sight. We glimpse heaven only by faith as we hear God talk about it in His Word. You cannot hear the angelic choirs of heaven, either. Our music is meant to convey the eternal truths that God presents in His Word. The music Our Saviour uses in our services is meant to be a common tie between people of all ages, and many of our hymns have been in regular use for centuries. We most often use chorales, which are written in such a way that the congregation can sing significant texts together. There is a grounded, spiritual joy to be found in hearing the teachings of God’s Word clearly set to music and joining with fellow believers in confessing those truths together.

Parents, please don’t let your children’s unfamiliarity with being in church keep you from bringing them. Don’t let your unfamiliarity with our services keep you away either. God’s Word is for everyone, young and old. All are welcome to join us for the divine service. Check it out ahead of time by watching our service live on Sunday mornings or in the video archives any time.

During some services, Our Saviour also observes Holy Communion. If you are not a member of Our Saviour or a church of our affiliation in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, please take a moment to read about our communion practices. We sincerely want everyone to be able to commune, so if you would like to commune with Our Saviour, please contact Pr. Lepak well in advance of your first visit.


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