Divine Service

The Sunday service at Our Saviour Lutheran is “liturgical.” We follow the outline of the ancient Christian liturgy because we need a weekly reminder of the most important truths of Scripture — especially “sin & grace.” We sin, but Jesus died for our sins and by His grace He saves us. By repeating the fundamental truths week after week we commit them to memory. Many an elderly person with memory issues is able to still say the Lord’s Prayer word for word thanks to their years of reciting it every week.

Parents, please DO bring your children with you to church! Jesus loves the little children and so do we! They are welcome to learn God’s Word and sing (or squeak) His praise with the rest of us!

During some services, Our Saviour also observes Holy Communion. If you are not a member of Our Saviour or a church of our affiliation in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, please take a moment to read about our close communion practices.


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