The Christian Waits: Hopeful for the Coming Judgment

Sunday, November 26, 2023

We began the church year anticipating the Lord’s first coming. We end the church year anticipating His second coming. We live in The Time in Between those two points. When Jesus comes again it will be to “judge the living and the dead” as we confess repeatedly in the creed. On that day every prophecy will be proven right and true. Every promise of our God will be kept. Every deed of mankind will be exposed for what it is. Everyone will be raised and brought before the judgment seat.

Yet if we have learned anything in this year of worship, we have learned that the day of judgment is not a day to fear. Rather, it is the culmination of the plans of God in place since the creation of the world. One Man lived the perfect human life God intended—in our stead. One Man was punished for the sins of all the rest of humanity. That One Man is the Son of God and son of Mary. Because He is God, His perfect life counts for all. Because He is God, His death counts as payment for the sins of all. He—the Ancient of Days—is the One returning to judge.

Those who rejected His salvation will be rejected by Him. But all who trust in Him will be judged worthy to enter eternal life with Him. As believers, we look forward to that day with joyful anticipation and without fear!

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