God Wants to Be Known

Wouldn’t it be tragic if we couldn’t know God or anything about him? If God just left us on our own to find out who He is, that would be just plain cruel.

But God isn’t cruel. He is gracious and loving. He created us and preserves us and he wants to spend eternity with us. How do we know that? Because God tells us. He tells us where we came from, why we’re here, and where we can live forever after our time in this world.

He tells us all these things in a Book he inspired and handed to us through special men he called, men called prophets and apostles. And God has seen to it that his word has been preserved for thousands of years and passed down to us.

What a gracious God we have!

Here at our Saviour Lutheran, we study, learn and share what God has passed down in His holy Word, the Bible. We’d love to share God’s loving message with you.

The center of the whole Bible is Jesus, Our Saviour. That’s why we’ve named our church after Him. He is our Hero. He is God’s Son. He came down to earth and became a human so He could live a perfect life in our place and then die for us to make up for all our many shortcomings. And because He did, we have eternal life through faith in Him.

Come, learn, and experience God’s love with us and learn more about what He tells us about Himself. You are truly welcome at Our Saviour’s church!