Is God really a heartless being who would use millions of years of pain and death to
“create” us through “survival of the fittest” evolution? Could you joyfully worship such a
god? Or is He a God of love and mercy as the Bible says? If evolution were true, what
about your ancient ancestors who were not yet human? Would salvation apply to them?

If evolution is true, death occurred for millions of years before mankind appeared. Thus
death is not the wages of man’s sin (Romans 6:23), and the death of Jesus Christ could
not have paid those wages for us. If evolution is true, the very heart of the Christian
religion is false, because Christ’s death doesn’t benefit anyone.

The effects of the evolution theory continue. It denies the existence of a Supreme Being
who created us. Therefore, what we consider “sins” must really be the remnants of our
animal ancestors’ instincts and not our fault at all. Some people suggest that God
“created” by the process of evolution. Doesn’t this make God Himself responsible for our
evil tendencies?

Evolution theory teaches “survival of the fittest,” which is another way of saying “might
makes right.” Couple this with the denial of a higher moral authority, and can we be
surprised at the violence, crime and immorality which has resulted from a generation of
evolutionist teaching? Each person now sets his own rules, and his goal is to survive at
all cost, regardless of who gets hurt. Doesn’t the continuation of evolution demand this?

If evolution is true, we have to live with this bad situation and survive as best we can.
However, although evolution is taught as true, it hasn’t been proved, and cannot be.
There is no way an experiment can be performed to prove what took place in the past.

Did you know many great scientists have declared that the theory of evolution is false and
unscientific? Already in Charles Darwin’s (the “father” of the modern theory of
evolution) time, the famous Dr. Louis Agassiz said that anyone who accepted evolution
ceases to be a man of science. In our day, the buildup of scientific facts leads more and
more learned people to that same conclusion. One of these many facts is the amazing
complexity of living cells. Consider your digital watch. Would you assume that its case,
miniature computer, battery and liquid crystal display each just “happened”, and then
came together by accident? Wouldn’t you conclude that an intelligent being made it?
Each cell in our bodies is thousands of times more complex than a watch. Is it
“scientific” to believe those cells resulted from accidents of evolution?

Divine creation is vital to the Christian religion. Thank God that scientific evidence
supports it. We can believe the Bible’s account of creation (Genesis 1-2). The God who
inspired the writing of the Bible is the One who created all things. He alone was present
at their origin, and He has told us about it.