Our Saviour Lutheran’s Story

Our Saviour Evangelical Lutheran Church began in 1979 as Lake Havasu City was growing and families got together desiring a church that was faithful to all the Word of God. Our Saviour has grown into a church family which worships, learns, and serves together. Our beautiful facility on the southeast end of town is where we meet regularly to grow in our knowledge of God and encourage one another.

Our faith is founded on the Bible. Its every word is God’s Word, for God inspired men of His choosing to write down His exact words. Because it is God’s Word, the Bible contains no errors. It is absolute truth. It is the only source of our faith and teaching.

The Bible tells how God created our universe and world, and placed into it the first man and woman, who were to serve Him and each other in love forever.

When the two disobeyed God, they left behind a world full of sinners unable to love God or each other, forever condemned.

Yet the Bible tells of God’s incredible love for all mankind, which caused Him to send His only Son, Jesus Christ, to live perfectly, yet be crucified in our place.

Jesus, who is true God and true man, did not remain dead. After three days He rose again that we might all live forever without sin or guilt before God.

We believe that all who trust in Jesus as Saviour have forgiveness and eternal life and belong to the Christian Church.

We also believe that all who hold the Christian faith love to gather regularly to hear God’s Word and to worship Him together.

What causes you to take a second look at a church? Is it the beautiful architecture, artwork, or music? Do special programs or activities draw your interest?

At our Saviour Lutheran Church, we offer some of those things, but we focus on one thing–Jesus Christ and Him crucified. He is the only way of salvation. Young families, “empty nesters,” and the elderly can all benefit from our liturgical worship and caring attitude. Though it is people who make up the membership of a church, the solid foundation is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The forgiveness that He won is offered freely for all!

We invite you to worship with us at Our Saviour and become part of our continuing story–God’s story!

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