Ascension Day

Near the end of the Easter season, Christians recall how Jesus ascended into heaven. He was taken up from the earth into the clouds. He no longer appears visibly to us, but He is still with us to very end of the age and He rules over all things for the good of them that love Him. We have been told by God’s angelic messengers that, one day soon, Jesus will return in great glory to bring an end to sin and all its effects, to refashion the heavens and the earth, to raise up the dead, and to judge the hearts of all people. Those whom He sees to be perfect, because they are His and covered with His righteousness by faith will enter into heaven as part of God’s family. Those who have reject His free gift of righteousness in Christ will find that they are not perfect and will be cast down to dwell eternally under God’s terrible wrath. This is a sobering call to all mankind to listen to His Word. For more information, please contact Pastor Lepak.