Resurrection REALity: Christ’s Ascension Means He Is Closer Than Ever

May 12 2024 —

Conventional wisdom would say if Christ has ascended into heaven, He is further away from His followers than when He was visibly on earth. The resurrection reality is that it is the other way around. Now that Christ has ascended, He is closer than ever. The living and ascended Savior has reassumed full use of all His divine power. So if you need Christ’s help, you don’t need to hunt for Him in Galilee. You call to him in prayer, wherever you are, whenever you want, and He hears and acts. You want to hear Jesus speak? You don’t need to chase Him down. Open His Word and listen to His powerful, life-giving voice.

The ascension marks the completion of Jesus’ earthly mission, but it does not signify the end of His work. Christ ascended to exercise His limitless authority for the Church as we carry out our mission to be Christ’s ambassadors of grace to the world. Therefore, the Festival of the Ascension is one of the oldest and most joyful celebrations in the Christian Church. It will be observed by Christians until Christ returns to take us to be with Him.

Our Readings:

Acts 1:1-11 – Before Jesus ascends, he promises to send his disciples the Holy Spirit so that he could continue to carry out his saving work through the Church.

Ephesians 4:7-16 – St. Paul explains the power and purpose of Christ’s ascension. Jesus left this world for our good. He ascended so that he could give gifts to his people and build up his Church.

Luke 24:44-53 – The risen Savior ascended, and his disciples responded with joyful worship.

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