Lo, He Comes!

The new church year is here! Advent season began on November 27 and will continue until our Christmas Eve Service. This year we are using the first line of that rousing Advent hymn, “Lo, He Come With Clouds Descending”, as our theme. The readings during this season focus our attention on our Lord’s promise to come soon.

We are reminded that He came once in lowliness and humility, that He deigned to take upon Himself our frail humanity, to set aside His almighty power and to live as one of us under the Law to redeem us who are under the Law. Jesus came to live a sinless human life that could then be given as a sacrifice to redeem us. No mere human could have done this, but the Son of God become Son of Man could. He gave His perfect life on the cross for all mankind, and He rose from the dead to bring new life to our race. He ascended into heaven to rule over all things for our good. And, most importantly for our consideration this season, He has promised to return to bring and end to sin, to be our Advocate and our Judge.

And finally this article, all the sermons and services are all a part of His constant shepherding presence among us. Though He ascended to heaven, yet also He is with us, as only God can be, near to us in His Word and His Sacraments, forgiving our sins, strengthening our faith and setting us aside for Himself as a special, heavenward-bound people.

Join us on Wednesday evenings (November 30, December 7 and December 14) at 5:30pm for a quick meal followed by our 6:30pm Advent Service. We hope you will join us in joyful remembrance of the circumstances of His birth some 2,000 years ago and in eager anticipation of His return. May the Lord bless your Advent preparations as you hear and take to heart His gracious Word.


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